AUTHORíS NOTE: This story is the prequel to Poison Rose. It's a very different story in both tone and style -- but it marks the place where PR-land begins. It takes place in late 1997, just after Emily had gone to Italy following the whole Dorman fiasco. This is when Liz was still Lizzie, Sarah and Nikolas were attached at the hip, and Lucky had spent his summer alone in PC with Bobbie so that he could lust after Sarah and do volunteer work... It was a dark time for GH, and this was my reaction to it.

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Chapter One:
Return to the Shores of Port Charles

Chapter Two:

Chapter Three:
Let's Try This Again

Chapter Four:

Chapter Five:
An Equal and Opposite Reaction

Chapter Six:
Second Thoughts

Chapter Seven:
Questionable Alliances

Chapter Eight:
Getting By

Chapter Nine:
Skirting the Issue

Chapter Ten:

Chapter Eleven:
Into the Woods

Chapter Twelve:
Getting Home

Chapter Thirteen:

Chapter Fourteen:
Reality on a Sliding Scale

Chapter Fifteen:

Chapter Sixteen:
The Cycle Continues

Chapter Seventeen:
Strange Bedfellows

Chapter Eighteen:
Defying Gravity