AUTHORíS NOTE: Poison Rose is my second General Hospital Fanfiction. It is a continuation of the events in No Expectations, my first story. No Expectations -- which details the transformation of Lucky and Emilyís relationship from a fractured friendship to something more romantic -- takes place in the fall of 1997. This story takes place in the winter and spring of the year 2000. It differs from itís predecessor in style, content and focus, and for this reason I do not believe that reading No Expectations is necessary to understand Poison Rose. These are the things that the reader should know: At the end of No Expectations, Lucky and Emily have declared their love for each other and have begun dating. Emily and Lizzie, initially in direct competition for Luckyís affections, had reached a tenuous peace. Lucky was planning to leave for Switzerland to see his mother, who he suspected was scared to come home for reasons she wouldnít admit to.

In order to include Nikís shooting in the timeline of Poison Rose, I am shuffling the events of my GH universe this way: Lucky and Emily got together at the end of November 1997. Lucky told Emily his plans to go to Switzerland at the beginning of December. Nikolas was shot, and Lucky put off the trip. Lucky did go to Switzerland in January (the show, interestingly enough, has done this too), and came back a couple of weeks later. Everything else is slowly explained as Poison Rose continues. I realize that in the first half-a-dozen chapters there are a lot of unanswered questions. I DO answer them! I thank everyone for their patience, and concentration in reading this story.

Thank you,

Chapter One:
Limbo at Luke's

Chapter Two:
The Family Factor

Chapter Three:
Little Earthquakes

Chapter Four:
The Ways of War

Chapter Five:
In the Company of Men

Chapter Six:
Personal Space

Chapter Seven:
Family Ties

Chapter Eight:
Dysfunction Junction

Chapter Nine:
Everything that Goes Around

Chapter Ten:
Comes Around

Chapter Eleven:
Never Trust a Cassadine

Chapter Twelve:
A Question of Trust

Chapter Thirteen:
My Hero

Chapter Fourteen:
The Way You Look Tonight

Chapter Fifteen:
The Morning After

Chapter Sixteen:

Chapter Seventeen:

Chapter Eighteen:
Family Fueds

Chapter Nineteen:
Home Truths

Chapter Twenty:
Waiting for the Other Shoe