Chapter Twenty-One:
Big Brother is Watching

Chapter Twenty-Two:
Love and Hate

Chapter Twenty-Three:
Feel My Love

Chapter Twenty-Four:
One Step Beyond

Chapter Twenty-Five:
We are Family

Chapter Twenty-Six:
Pressing the Issue

Chapter Twenty-Seven:
He's the One

Chapter Twenty-Eight:
Taking Action

Chapter Twenty-Nine:

Chapter Thirty:
Deja Vu

Chapter Thirty-One:
After Glow and Doom

Chapter Thirty-Two:
A Rose by any Other Name

Chapter Thirty-Three:
Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Chapter Thirty-Four:
Hard Day's Night

Chapter Thirty-Five:
Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word

Chapter Thirty-Six:
A Little Rain Must Fall

Chapter Thirty-Seven:
Walking the Tightrope

Chapter Thirty-Eight:
How Much Do You Care?

Chapter Thirty-Nine:
Truth and Consequences

Chapter Fourty:
Losing It