Last Updated: 01/14/16
Rebel's Fanfic Site where 'Casualties' used to be archived is completely down, so I put up the chapters I didn't have on here. The only chapter that is partially missing is Chapter43, which is incomplete due to an internet archive error. I have an e-mail in to Xara asking her to send it to me - if she does, I'll update it.

Welcome to Dreamylyfe's General Hospital Fan-Fiction. Here you'll find the amazing works of Dreamylyfe, and trust me, they're awesome. But, if you have any problems with the page, direct them to me at Erana.


The story of Nikolas and Carly, in the wake of Robin and Jason's marriage. Its a pairing I never would've thought of, but Xara makes it work wonderfully. Well worth reading, though sadly incomplete.

No Expectations

A wonderfully sweet Lucky and Emily story, and also the prequel to Poison Rose.

Poison Rose

This is now my third attempt at summarizing this story. The first I just gushed, and the second was stupid. So I'm keeping this one very simple -- read it, it's good. There you have it. Luckily for me most of you have probably already read it, and don't need a summary to get you to do so.